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The attorneys at Reginald A. Hudspeth, LLC have many years of experience in assessing the business needs of their clients. Frequently, this assessment results in advising clients to form new business entities. It is often imprudent to hold investment property or commercial real estate as an individual. Investors and business owners are advised on the legal, financial, and contractual issues related to starting a business. Clients are counseled as to the type of entity to form, such as, a LLC, a corporation, or partnership. Determining the appropriate entity under which a business should operate is based on a variety of factors and client needs. All of the factors and the clients’ goals and objectives are discussed, considered and weighed in the assessment.

The attorneys at Reginald A. Hudspeth, LLC, can help with the incorporation or other organizational formation of the business entity, governance agreements, and acquisition of Federal Employer Identification numbers.

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In addition to assisting clients with various aspects of commercial real estate matters, the Suwanee attorneys at Reginald A. Hudspeth, LLC, have extensive experience helping clients with business formation.

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If you need assistance with any aspect of a commercial real estate transaction or have questions about business formation, please reach out to the lawyers with Reginald A. Hudspeth, LLC, to find out more about their experience and how they can assist.