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Georgia Closing Attorneys: Assisting With All Aspects Of The Commercial Real Estate Closing Process

Guidance for Georgia and Out-Of-State Lenders Seeking Real Estate Closing Attorneys

In any real estate transaction the closing documents are integral. Whether it is a sale or a lease or a refinance, the closing documents provide the means of consummating the agreement between the buyer and seller, the lessor and lessee or the lender and the borrower.

At Reginald A, Hudspeth, LLC, the attorney frequently prepare review many types of Closing Documents. Those documents may include, among others:

  • Settlement statements itemizing respective costs to buyer, seller and borrower
  • Affidavits, Declarations and Acknowledgements
  • Disbursements and deposits of loan funds
  • Deeds of conveyance
  • Bills of sale
  • Security Deeds
  • Promissory Notes
  • Assignments
  • Subordinations
  • FIRPTA Affidavits
  • UCC’s
  • Estoppels
  • Lien Waivers

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