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Commercial Title, Escrow and Abstract Services

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Legal Representation With Over 75 Years Of Experience

Extensive Experience Handing All Aspects Of Georgia Real Estate Title Examinations

Reginald A. Hudspeth, LLC, Attorneys at Law, have extensive experience helping individuals, including homeowners and investors, with Georgia real estate matters.

They often handle title examinations, providing assistance that accompanies such matters, including but not limited to recording services, title commitments and title insurance. The firm can provide reliable and quick turn-around of requested title work. They will tailor the title work to whatever type of search that client may need, whether it is a full, limited or current owner title search. They also provide tax reports, lien searches and statewide UCC searches.

Assisting out-of-State Parties

Individuals located out-of-state often reach out to Reginald A. Hudspeth, LLC, Attorneys at Law, for guidance with Georgia real estate law. The firm has assisted people from many different states, including California, Arizona and Florida.

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Whether you are seeking help as a homeowner for a residential matter or as an attorney, lender or investor in a complex commercial transaction, the attorneys at Reginald A. Hudspeth, LLC, have done it all. With over 75 years of combined experience, they are well-equipped to handle your transaction.

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